Honestly, I have never see


Honestly, I have never seen or heard of any such cables to exist.

There are, pretty much, only two easy ways to do this.

1. Buy (borrow) a camera with a pass through function on it. I own a SONY DCR-VX2100 and it has s-video and A/V. Now I know this is probably an expensive alternative but Many of the JVC MiniDV cams have the passthrough function. You could go on Ebay and probably find one for cheap ($100 or less).

2. Go to an electronics store like Best Buy/CompUSA/Circuit City/Etc. and buy a video convert/download package. For example “Dazzal” is a company that used to do alot of this type of hardware. Now days, there are PC cards that allow you do this. Just go to one of these electronics store and ask them what you need. Even if you don’t buy, you can at least see what’s currently available. Then go on the internet and find it cheaper.

Good luck.

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