Honestly, bang-for-the-buc


Honestly, bang-for-the-buck-wise, I like the GL-2. It’s got just about all the features that you’d find on the XL-1S, and it’s a lot cheaper. Plus, there’s a $250 rebate going on right now, so for $3,000 you could almost afford two of them (It’s about $1750 after rebate at B&H or Norman Camera)

They’re not the greatest in low-light conditions, but they perform as well as the XL series. Plus, you can still put almost all the special gadgets on them, like the MA300 XLR adapter, and all the other goodies.

All in all, it’s got a lot of features, it’s affordable, and it’s got a lot of cool toys you can plug into it. I have a few of them, and I love em (aside from the low light issue).

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