Honda has a silent and sma


Honda has a silent and small generator which you can put ina large lunch box. on your shots, dont zoom and cut to another shot at the same time, looks like pooh when you do that, start with wide shot and zoom in smoothly for sports to get the closeup action, if your using a tripod dont tighten it so much that you look jerky when you move, the best shots are on the shoulder but you need to practice breathing control and movement control in order to make it look like it is on a tripod. i covered football on the side lines and ontop of the newsbooth and it makes a difference. have all the back up gear on you if your mobile, so you dont look like a geek looking for a batt or cable. for edit mobile stuff, make lite weight boxes on hvy duty wheels with hard foam fitted for your equip, have hinges that drop down the sides or back and they are stackable so you can hve a mobile edit unit, always have a “I have that box” with cables connectors, mics, duck tape, and other stuff. make sure all your stuff is marked or locked up in boxes.

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