Hollywood uses video compr


Hollywood uses video compressors and encoder machines for their videos. These are not consumer machines they very expensive and you would have to be RICH and also may have to charge your clients a fortune πŸ™‚ I recently shot a wedding on my canon xh a1 HD cam and the client wanted DVD which then I had to down convert from HD to SD. I get better results down converting from HD to SD than recording on SD. Using a Dual Layer DVD (DVD+R DL 8.5GB) with 1hr and 30min of video and a bitrate of 9Mbps I was able to get a very good quality DVD. No way can compare to the original footage because my HD has a bitrate of 25Mbps which is a hugedifferent. Any higher than 9Mbps you might run intocompatibilityissues with consumer DVD players. By the way I use sonyarchitectfor my DVD’s. Also let your clients know what to expect before hand otherwise tell them to get BLU-RAY!

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