Ho Hum. seems I ruffled so


Ho Hum. seems I ruffled some feathers on some delicate egos. Well parrrrrdon me for living! Oh boo hoo, can’t find user and that’s MY FAULT I suppose. I’ve been a paid member for several months and avidly read the articles here. I’ve also extolled the quality of the Videomaker site to several of my friends who shoot video too. Seems to me if there’s an error, it’s at the Videomaker end.

I did add some detail to my profile though and here’s my YouTube page. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=RonzigsGallery#grid/uploads

Didn’t realize toes were so sensitive though. Soooooo sorry. I really do try to learn and improve, but as for the competing for paying gigs comment, I’ve had several that have earned me anywhere from $20/hr to $100/hr

I realized my limitations as a beginner and charge accordingly. Perhaps someday I’ll earn the big bucks , but I doubt it. I do my work primarily for the joy it brings me and my viewers. But then again I didn’t solicit any of my paying clients, they sought me out! And like Bruce, I have to do a lot of guessing since helpful advice on the topic is difficult to come by. I think I tend to under charge because I appreciate each opportunity to practice and treat each as a learning experience since I DON’T KNOW IT ALL and don’t expect I ever will.

In the mean time, if the effort that has been put into chastising me had been directed towards answering Bruce’s question, we’d all be much further ahead.

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