Hmmm.So you store it on



So you store it on film and you’re "filming".

You pop it onto tape, and you’re "taping".

I guess if you’re storing it to a Hard Drive, you’d be "driving"? πŸ˜€

If "Driving" amd "carding" weren’t already terms for something else, we could really have something here!

And then, like Fulton said, it’s not footage, because it’s not on feet of film. "Discage" maybe? πŸ˜€

Wow, this could be quite the conversation between two videographers of te future.

Videographer 1: So, Do you prefer carding, or are you more of a driving type?
Videographer 2: You know, I started by driving, but lately, carding is just better quality. The VX-6300 gets great discage quality when you’re carding.
Videographer 1: I Don’t know, Personally, I think drivng with the GL-7 gives you a crisp image.
Videographer 2: Yeah, but that’s because you’re a Canon man. You wouldn’t know good discage if it came up and bit you.

Ah yes, I can see that day coming.

Personally, I’m anti-change. I still think film is the best quality, and you just can’t touch it with modern technology.

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