Hmm. this is a lot of ques


Hmm. this is a lot of questions, domineaux. I’ll take a shot at some of them.

Software is my forte, I know more than some. I’ve used your computer/editing software before, and Windows Movie Maker on Windows Vista is probably THE WORST EDITING SETUP YOU COULD FIND. I don’t think I could come up with a worse software and computer together, except maybe Avid Free DV on Windows Vista. AND YOU’RE DOING HD, AS A PROFESSIONAL, FOR THE WEB?!? Wow. you are much braver than me. That’s sort of like going to play one-on-one basketballagainst Kobe Bryant, using some oldtennis shoesyou found in a dumpster and forgetting to practiceat allbeforehand. It may not matter much as long as you plan on shooting perfect footage with your camera, and using your tripod, butyour videocertainly won’t look professional after you put it through Movie Maker. This is my opinion after using many editing software including Movie Maker, and also windows vista, XP and mac.

now for some of your questions:

1. I don’t have any idea what I’m going to need forefficient and competent webside production.

I’m a pro web designer (meaning I get paid), and I’m just learning about FTPs and things. Video and web are two humongous things I’ve been studying for a while (Video, 1-1/2 years, Web6 months). Flash videoor Quicktime are the best formats for web video. You shouldGoogle up “Riva FLV Encoder” which can render AVIs out of movie Maker and turn them into Flash video. You can also look at my blog here on videomakercalled “Free Stuff: Making your Dream Movie for Nothing” to see reviews and info about both Movie Maker and Riva FLV Encoder.You will then need a player for your flash video on the web such as Flowplayer, but I haven’t figured out how to get that to work and you will need to study web design and code like HTML and CSS. After 6 months, this is where I am.

2. Iknow I needHD for production of training DVDs, but will HD work well on the Web. I do know the colorsavailble on the web arelimited.

Whenweb designerssay “web colors”, we mean the colors we can type on the computer in CSS code and say “a {font-color: blue;}” That’sa very simple CSS code saying “Turn the font color ofalllinks on this pageblue”. There are only some colors that work well andvery few colorsthat work perfectly.Video is ok with regards to that, but as to HD on the web, I don’t know anything about it and haven’t risked it.

3. I have no idea what kind of connections/ports I need on the camerato do what I plan. There are a number of things mentioned from Firewire, USB, SDI, etc.

The most used two imports from your camera to your computer are Firewire and USB. I love USB. At work, we even use USB for our HD footage.

4. I guess I’m looking for a site withshopping lists for guys like myself thatwant to make a go at Video production on a semi-professional basis…eventually becomingprofessional.

Wouldn’t that be useful? LOL Videomaker can help with what is what and showing things you could get. B&H catalog can help with what there is and how much it costs. I also recommend

you picked two of the hardest most complicated forms of multimedia I’ve used to make a career out of. (If you picked 3d animation, you’d hit the trifecta!) Study up more and you could make a lot of neat stuff.

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