Hmm, thanks for all of the


Hmm, thanks for all of the above info! you might want to check there could be copyright issues with putting these videos online.(But then if only client can access??) Of course it depends if there is any copyrighted music on your video. It is possible (and I only know about Australia) to obtain a ‘Single Event Licence’ ( or an annual one) which allows you to use copyrighted music on your video. But at this stage this does not include putting the video online, only copying to USB or DVD. The copyright bodies do realise this needs to change and I think they will have to change these rules soon.
About the copying to USB, i have a 16GB USB and wanted to put a 5GB video on there. Couldn’t understand when it told me ‘file too large’! So will look into reformatting as you have suggested rs170a…

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