hmm….great point jeff. T


hmm….great point jeff. To further reinforce, many kids at my school buy expensive cameras but then make the crappiest videos I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how they graduate. So the point is, like jeff stated, you do have to learn about the equipment and how to use the equipment to make an educated purchase, but some of us also have to learn by “doing.”

So for the sake of answering your question, if you want a light kit for lighting interviews, i feel these will serve you well for now. I feel this way because with some experience under my belt, I like to alter the “rules” of 3 point lighting. For example, this kit will allow for typical 3 point lighting, but I can also do split lighting, horror, i can light with harsh shadows on a dude, but I have the umbrellas available if I need to light a girl(you almost never light a girl with harsh shadows on her face).

So like jeff clearly stated, learn about the equipment and techniques and go from there.

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