Hmm. Good question. This l


Hmm. Good question. This look like Adobe Photshop and After Effects combined. In other words, my line of work.

It’s a lot harder than it looks to make stuff like that. The spinning pictures on rings or wheels in 3D space is good!

I’m a “pixel-pushing”, compositing, CG, motion graphics guy and though that kind of thing is everywhere and most people(especially lay people and even videographers) take it for granted, it’s as hard orharder to make stuff like that than it is to remember the rule of thirds, 180 degree rule, 3 point lighting, continuityand whatever else.

If you would like to do stuff like that, go study creativecow and adobeTV(websites. Google it).

Actually, I bet you could try and mimic it with say, Avid Free DV, but you wouldn’t have the photos scaling up from spinning rings look down exactly. Like I said, it’s NOT THAT EASY.

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