Hmm, 4K and low light do not


Hmm, 4K and low light do not go hand in hand with small sensor cameras… You need to pick between low light budget and 4K budget.

For low light budget 1080p you need a camera with the lowest resolution sensor possible that still achieves 1080p to ensure the individual photosites (pixels) are as large as possible to collect as much ambient light as possible, a camcorder such as the new Canon XA30. It is very good in low light for a small sensor camcorder, and has an amazing lens… $2000 at B&H… For better video files add in the Atomos Ninja and you have 1080p 8 bit 422 Prores or DNxHD files!

For a larger sensor 4K camera, I would recommend the Sony A7S paired with the Sony 18-105 f4 lens. Quite a package for live events and a beautiful smooth zoom range to ensure you never miss a kiss during a lens swap. Although you only have 1080p internally, pair it with an Atomos Assassin for 4K and you have a winning package! That to me is one of the best packages, and if you go the used route you can get that package for $2800… Add in a fast prime such as the Rokinon cinema lenses, you can have a wicked low light 4K combo for close to $3000! Amazing dynamic range too!

All the best!
Brennan Kirkpatrick

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