Hi, Your question interes



Your question interests me and I was hoping someone would respond so that I could learn from it. Others on this forum have more know-how on this, but here’s my reaction to it.

I’ve been shooting bands for a few years and been satisfied with my on-camera mike for the most part (currently VX-2100). The usual venue is unique in that I am literally 3 to 5 feet in front of and level with the band for entire sets with my hand held, sometimes moving up to inches from a keyboard or fretboard. Have even poked my cam between cymbals for drummer drama on New Year’s Eve. (Song was Wipeout; best take of the night.) If the band’s sound production is good, my audio is, generally, good. Often I am recording off of the monitor or monitors aimed back at the band.

Lately, I’ve been paying more attention to audio as feedback from some musicians, not many but a few, has been, great video, but audio not ready for prime time.

My direct anwer to your question is, don’t see why not. (Not helpful…) A lot of bands use wireless mikes; may be a potential conflict with wireless going into and coming out of the board at the same time. Don’t see why; use different frequencies… (Sounds like something the next generation of iPod could handle.) Outputs from the board go to speaker amps. Your wireless mike/transmitter could be placed on or near select speakers with the desired mix. Or find the best sound in the house and hang your mike/transmitter there.

Have the board tech check for available output jacks. Get a digital field recorder, and cable out to the recorder from the board; synch up later. Consider cabling out to a camera on a tripod, if a multiple camera shoot.
Also, my experience (in Anchorage, Baltimore, and DC) is that VERY VERY VERY frequently, the sound board in small/medium clubs (medium is capacity to 150 or so) is only mixing the vocals, so that sound board output however captured would be very vocal heavy, which may or may not suit your purpose.

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