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You will find that Video/Film-making is fundamentally different from Photography. Camera movement and/or subject movement will be your universe. I would suggest immediately acquiring one of the many reasonably priced 1 chip mini DV camcorders from Sony, Canon etc for about $1K and start tomorrow to shoot shoot shoot, your own projects or for hire projects (e.g., house parties, friend’s weddings, interviews for cable access…). Don’t own a HD camcorder myself and will be holding off for a while. At the DC Video Technology Exposition about a year ago, attended a high profile workshop/marketing promotion session for one of the first “affordable” HD camcorders. Frankly, it was embarrassing for the presenters when they demonstrated (at my request) the performance of their camera in less than ideal lighting situations. This was a problem with digital cameras for several years at the beginning; in low light, analog still ruled. Well digital has conquered the darkness and results are now outstanding. It seems that HD will be going through the same tough period to get to a point where these new HD cameras can deliver what the 3 chip mini DVs can now do routinely (i.e., basic outstanding noise free image quality in all lighting situations). A recent article in Videomaker made me shudder for those jumping into HD at this time with high expectations. Do a lot of research if you have convinced yourself that you need to jump head first into HD. (Good research resource: http://www.videohelp.com) If you will be committing to this field as a career or major source of income, be aware that if you are serious, you will have 3 or more cams within short order, as backups, for 2 and 3 cam shoots etc. Wouldn’t hurt if you had some cheaper models in the mix, that you aren’t afraid to take out into the dusty playing field, leafy jungle, bad weather, newsworthy crowd events, etc. A digital 8 camcorder would not be a bad choice as a starter camera to learn the ropes. I own 6 camcorders at this time (Hi8, D8, and mini DV). I can tell you one thing; customers love the images I’m shooting with my Sony VX2100. Great success to you with your future productions.

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