Hi, You have lost a genera


You have lost a generation already in dubbing from Hi8 to SVHS. Don’t know if you are referring to edited masters or raw footage. In any event, strongly suggest that you go back to your Hi8 tapes, if still available, and dub the originals, or at least your most treasured, indispensable, irreplaceable Hi8 footage, to digital format via firewire. My top choices would be digital images to Hi8 tape (i.e., Digital 8 format) or to mini DV tape. Can be done with D8 or mini DV camcorder (e.g., Hi8 camcorder via S cable to either). This would give you at least the same quality you have on your SVHS tape, except you are already in digital format, so you can preserve that level of quality in further digital dubbings. My own preferences is to dub Hi8 tape from a Digital 8 camcorder to a Digital 8 VCR via firewire. (BTW, in the current state of affairs, dubbing to digital format on tape is a better choice than relying on a burn to DVD for your preservation or potential remastering copy, due to format, compression, quality issues, etc.) As far as loading up your digital copies to your computer, unless you are planning on filling your basement with hard drives, firewire digital dubbing to tape is still the best option for normal mortals. Other views welcome on this.

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