Hi You have an electronics



You have an electronics issue. Specifically mic level, instrument level, line level.

Your mic needs a pre amp between it and the amp.

<p id=”post_message_7164479″>Line level is decibels across a standard voltage. It’s often expressed as decibel volts (dBv) or decibels unloaded (dBu). Each of these has its own reference voltage. But in any event, whether you’re basing it on +4dBv (so called pro standard) or -10dBu (so called consumer standard), you’re talking about a lot more level than mic level or instrument level.

There is no standard for instrument level. For example, guitars and keyboards are not equal level instrument outputs, yet either can go through an amp, for instance. But instrument level’s usually somewhere between mic and line level, and to go true line level you usually need an active direct box of some kind. To go mic level, you can use an active or passive direct box.

Microphones don’t put out much voltage, so the signal is the lowest of the three, and needs to be raised quite a bit to reach line level. Remember, the mic is a very small diaphragm moving against a coil, a charged backplate, or between magnets. Not much output. So mic preamps do the raising of the signal level, hence, “pre-amplification”. Different mics have different output levels, there isn’t a true standard. A condenser mic, for example, has an output so tiny that it needs a built in active preamplifier that raises the level enough to reach typical mic level! This is why you have such things as tube mics, for that preamplification.

Hope this explanation helps a little!


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Hope this is your answer if I read your post correcly – good luck with your project.

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