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You can probably leave the cam in automatic exposure mode for your interview setup. Per another thread, you are planning to have a lot of light on your subject. With all this light, your cam will probably shoot at 1/60th automatically, and set a small aperture automatically. A small aperture for exposure also tends to keep everything in front of the camera in focus.

Segue to the subject of focus: While automatic exposure will probably work well for you (and if it doesn’t, go manual), for focusing I would strongly urge that you switch your auto focus off and go to manual focus and use your subject’s eyeballs for precise focussing. If the eyeballs are in focus, everything else important should also be sharp.

The exposure/focus/framing setup is the easy part of a one-cam interview. Monitor your audio with headphones. Based on sound check, you may want to override auto and go manual control over your audio signal.

Good Luck!


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