Hi, You being a physician,


You being a physician, I’m real happy to hear about your checkered past. I’ll try to keep this a secret. }:-)
This project is obviously not a one person deal. You need contractors.
The absolutely most important help you need is a professional writer, preferably someone experienced in writing for film, although someone who has written popular style articles (as opposed to medical journal pieces) can probably find the right documentary voice.
Next most imporant, for the production phase, you need a crew of a camera person and an audio person. A few years ago (more than a few actually) my sister was a student in theater arts at your local community center of higher learning (University of Tennessee; go Vols). It probably has morphed into a thriving school of film making arts. They may be able to help you out with your crew needs. Also, they can bring some extra cams and equipment, like cranes, to the effort.
It sounds like you have a lot of experience directing in your church work. As director/technical director, you have given direction to camera operaters for live shoots. This is (or can be) a very intense job, so I figure you know your stuff. It should not be a big jump from that to producer/director of the upcoming production. UT is probably crawling with Final Cut Pro work stations and students eager to be your intern editor. I’d suggest that you go for FCP equipment for your company and attempt the editing yourself. If this turns out to be more than you can chew, hire a pro (e.g., UT professor) to deliver your masterpiece.
BTW before discussing serious money or responsibility with any contractor or outside help, per compusolver’s input, you need to be looking at demo reels/work samples.
Enjoy the ride,

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