Hi, Yes, a wide angle lens


Yes, a wide angle lens would probably solve your problem. The word “probably” is used here because some wide angle lenses aren’t that much wider than normal lenses.
You’ve set the cam up on the North wall, which only gives you 10 feet (versus 13 feet) to where the drummer is backed up against the opposite wall. You could have added 3 more feet to cam distance if the cam was on East wall and the band on the West wall or the opposite.
What you need is maximum distance between the cam and the band. This could be achieved by wedging the band into a corner (e.g., where South wall joins East) with the drummer actually in the corner and facing in the direction of the opposite corner (where West wall joins North). The max distance from cam to band would be achieved if the cam (in this example) was in the corner where West wall joins North and positioned either at the ceiling level looking down, such as securely on a heavy duty ladder (need to pay attention to vibrations from the amps); or on the floor looking up, such as sitting on a very low tripod or a blanket. Either ceiling level or floor level is a cooler angle anyway than just a straight ahead shot. Especially if the cam was at ground level, this would enable individual band members to move up to the cam and do “mug shots.” The fact is that some stages will be smaller than the small corner of that room, so if you can be lively in that small space, make faces, do leaps and dance moves, and such, that may attract certain fans.
One more thing: It is a cruel fact of life that typically drummers are blocked from view by other bandmates. I have shot numerous band sets in small clubs (with tiny stages), big deal hotel ballrooms, and outdoor festivals. I use a floating camera technique where I try to include all band members in each take. Getting good shots of drummers is usually an extreme challenge. That’s just the way it is. Drummers are heard a lot more than they are seen.
You are an interesting looking group. Don’t let babes or drugs (or religion or politics) distract you from making it big (until you make it big). Best of luck!!!

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