Hiya Rocky DM We supply a


Hiya Rocky DM

We supply a lot of equipment to wedding videographers, we use the PAG P6, the LED lightpane, and the new LED Ringlight,

Whilst the LEDs are great and the Ringlite very good the PAG tends to be the most popular with camerent clients especially with wedding hire as the light fits on the top of the camera and you have a large battery that attaches to a strap that you can wear over your shoulder the benefit here is that the light output is much greater and you have a large rechargeable battery that should easily cover you at a wedding.

The ringlite attaches to the microphone so no problem there on the sony A1 however the output from the light is not really good enough to light a dance floor at a wedding for instance, but they are good value and come with a mini set of filters.

Good luck with the new venture


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