Hi XTR-91 is pointing you



XTR-91 is pointing you the right way.

Try: http://www.videoguys.com/Guide/C/Tech+Tips/Videoguys+Windows+XP+Tweaks+for+Non+Linear+Video+Editing/0xaa9bc196019348a2f78a2db7a34a49f9.aspx

For older machines this is about as good as it gets – but very GEEKY and intimidating.

You might need someone who understands the stuff above to help you.

DV should not be that hard to capture.

Your best solution may be to have a friend with a better machine help you out.

Microsoft Windows comes with Movie Maker and can capture DV. So a friend with a good computer and a Firewire port could help you.

Hope some of this helps – Good luck

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