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Wella wella wella, doing a job for the Govt. You may think you are in charge of this project, but dont get overexited just in case you are not at all in charge of this project. Work with your Govt contact in pre-production, every step of the way every chance you get. Unless things have changed radically since my day, they will want the Commander to do a little intro at the beginning. Be prepared for that. You may want to wrangle a teleprompter or improvise a substitute, e.g., large print talking points on a flip chart pad. Often best to do the intro in the Cdr office, unless the Cdr is very hip with talking to media while in the hanger environment. In general, I would suggest opening credits with operations noise (flying planes or choppers) on S.T. with martial music, maybe some planes flying overhead in slo-mo with overlaid credits. Next, the Cdr speaks. Then perhaps a montage of 30-60 seconds of several activities with fast paced editing, including emphasis on activity which is subject of the training topic. It is most important that your piece communicates clearly. Hopefully, they will provide some articulate people to do the talking, and that they are ones actually performing the tasks subject of your piece. It is most important that your piece communicates clearly. (I know I said that already.) More important than that your piece be exciting or not boring. Go for both of course, clarity and drama. Id suggest noisy/exciting at the beginning, as described earlier; and at the end. Whatever your ideas, be prepared for anything at those pre-production meetings, and go along for the experience and the ride.

If you get in the GSA catalog, a very good thing potentially producing a nice income flow, remember that every job you do will be subject to uncensored written feedback in the catalog from your clients.

Take care and best of luck!

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