@hivideo: I think we should


@hivideo: I think we should clear up the idea that there are "unintentional" areas of light and darkness on the stage. Having been married to a professional lighting designer for nearly 60 years I can assure you that the location and intensity of every light on the stage is intentional, carefully plotted and rehearsed by the lighting designer and stage electricians. Theatre lighting isn't lighting for the camera; it's lighting for the human eye. And it is intentional that a performer walk from cool to warm light, or from light to darkness — the intent of both the lighting designer and the production's stage director.

So our challenge as videographers, as I see it, is to figure out how to approximate that lighting for delivery via DVD, YouTube or hard drive. Like you, as I've indicated in my first response above, I use control of gain to approach this approximation, setting upper and lower gain limits. This works rather well, I find.

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