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Very good point about the zoom-in factor Spencer. In wide angle or "normal" with the PD170 or any cam, you will maximize depth of field. In max zoom position (front part of zoom rocker on top of camera, also on handle, pushed down all the way on PD170), the depth of field will be compressed for the effect that you want. If focussed past about 30-40 feet or so, however, everything will be in focus from that point up to "infinity."

The PD170 has two ND positions. If you are in manual iris/aperture, I think that use of will just make the shot darker (less exposed) or slow the shutter speed; don’t think it will effect depth of field. If you are in auto exposure, where the default would be 60th shutter speed and whatever aperture, use of the ND options would open the aperture/iris and narrow depth of field. Would be quicker by a tad to do this compared to ticking the iris wheel up and down in manual exposure. Check this procedure out j’rome; may be what you are looking for.

Didn’t even want to get into manually using faster shutter speeds as a way to achieve widest aperture/iris. Don’t like that choppy look for most subjects. (Cool for shooting rain, water droplets in fountains, and such though.)

Happy Shooting!


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