Hi, To test production qua



To test production quality and your system:

1) Rent2 identical DV camcoder or HDto obtain same color shoot, 1 good tripod, 1 cheap tripod

For light DIY using fluorescent Daylight new bulb type or work near a large window.

To build your training course use Camtaia Studio you can download a full working demo version from website http://www.camtasia.comand learn using training on the website.

Sound can be only from the camera mic or more equipment like a suspended mic for quitar and a lav mic for you.

You can shoot as you need short sequences like lesson 1, lesson 2 etc… Naturally if you shoot final lesson you need a good

You need a presentation software like Power Point or Indigo Rose Autoplay or DemoShield

1) First page a good background and picture plus fewbuttons:

Example button 1display a page for the table of contents

Button2 display a pageintroduction to the first course and naturally Lesson 1

Button3display Manual or chaptersPDF orDoc files

Button4 display info on you and your work plus past experience.

Button5 display product to sell, web link

This just few ideas but before to invest check your material and the way to build your product try to do using less technology to release a product in only few weeks after you can add on if your project work that means sale. In the beginning your product look good with time you can add quality.

Naturally if you have a big budget is not the same story…

Good Luck,


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