Hi, To justify your invest



To justify your investment you must use the right technique:

Either you shoot photo using yourcamcoder and set it to maximum quality in HD format you can reach 4860 x 3072 pixels or from the timeline extract a frame your quality drop to 1920 x 1080 dpi in HD. Now with any photo software check photo size and photo dpi your dpi can be 72, 96 or 120 dpi.

A good printneed 300 dpi (commercial printer) versus 100 to 150 dpi for a common inkjet printer.

How to calculate the maximum size:

Pixel size divided by 300 = maximum size for 4860 / 300= 16 inches and 3072 / 300 = 10 inches if I use camcoder as a common digital camera I can generate a good print 16 x 10

Same philosophy for the time line extracted picture:

1920 x 1080 1920/300 = 6 inches 1080/300 = 3.6 inches this is the format 6 x 4 that means I can generate a good 6x 4 print

How to generate quality if you start with something low in qualitylike a sixe 6 x 4 to blow up 16 x 10.

Specialized software have algorithm to increase the size call (Interpolation) the hint is easy to understand you use the alogorithm to increase the size 4 times and use the algorith to decrease the size 2 times that means you obtain a picture twice bigger than the original.

Where the quality come from?

Software alogorithm create intermediate pixel between two adjacent pixel this avoid big pixel or big square. This like a small blur and reducing the size the blur dissappear.

Naturally nothing can replace a high quality standard negative or a $10,000 digital camera, remember the old way the reason to usea cameraover 35mm is 2-1/4 x2-1/4 or the 4x 5 camera sometime bigger.



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