HI, this is what i recomm



this is what i recommend for ideal drive use.

For video editing systems we recommend a minimum of three hard drives. One for the operating system and programs, one for source files and capturing, and the third for rendering (both temporary and final output).

You may also want to consider adding an archival or backup drive to protect your work from disaster. An internal drive is slightly faster, doesn’t take up space on your desk, and in a pinch it can substitute for a source or render drive if needed. However, if anything truly nasty happens to the computer, its internal drives can all be damaged. An external drive, though it does take up some desk space, can be easily detached from the computer and stored in a safe location until it is needed. A removeable hard drive bay combines the best features of these two types of drive. The drive bay connects as an internal hard drive for speed and space, but it can be easily removed (from the outside of the case) for storage.

When it comes to hard drive space, more is usually better, especially as hard drive prices continue to fall. While DV video doesn’t really take up all that much space, if you are running uncompressed and/or HD video, you can easily fill a drive or two. The following chart shows the approximate drive space usage for several common types of video:

DV/Firewire 13 gigs/hour
Uncompressed 77 gigs/hour
1080 24p 330 gigs/hour

For an editor who works with uncompressed or HD video, we recommend using two pairs of SATA drives, with each pair in a RAID0 array. RAID0 stripes two or more hard drives together for increased performance, combining their capacity into what the operating system and video editing software will see as one large drive at the very minimum.
depending on your format you may need 4 drives per raid array.


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