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Your camera gets great reviews so I think you made a great choice!

Onethingthough, youcan’teasily putHDfootage on aregular DVD.DVD’shave a maximum bitrateofa little over 10MB/s. If you compressed HD footage to that bitrate I would think it would look terrible. I’m not even sure it would be watchable at that bitrate.

Ithink what you’ll wanttodois downconvert yourfootagein your editor of choice. This should allow you to use a program like DVD Architect Studio to make DVD’s that look pretty great.

If youchoose that, later, when you get a Blu-Ray burner, youcango backto the projectand output it in HD for a Blu-Ray disc.

Thisis just one option,thereare others,likerecording directlyin SD,butIthink option “A”I described will give you betterresults.

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