Hi, The ones you mention



The ones you mention represent high profile acclaim for projects.

Whats not to like! If you win, add to the graphics printed on your DVDs.

When the focus turns to marketing of your film for broadcast, catalog, rising star film fests, whatever the internet offers in the future that is selective and discriminating in nature in terms of audience, exposure, reaching the world;

AND THE MARKETING OF YOURSELF when bidding for film jobs, grants, rich peoples money, access to movers and shakers for interviews for docs, etc. etc., awards can be part of the package (your film resume) for getting you your next gig, live audience, or getting you to the next level.

There will be sham awards as there is sham lurking in every cranny of commerce. If a potential packager sees your video based on it getting an award or several awards, and your work isnt worth diddley squat (can I say that), those awards may in fact turn out to be a big lie. If you know what you are doing and get feedback from people other than your family and friends, like clients youve done paid work for and who are throwing money at you to do more work (or at least giving you productive referrals), you will know what is diddley squat and what isnt and you will hide or keep working on your d.s.

If a competition involves a substantial admission fee, and there seem to be a lot of $10 plaques being dished out (Mess Oh Potato Mania Audience Award), that would be a red flag.

See you at the movies!


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