Hi, The JVC GY-HM100 reco



The JVC GY-HM100 records to the same XDCAM EX Codec as Sony’s EX1 / EX3 etc (35 Mbps). The best quality setting for the HM100 (we have one) is 1080P25 (PAL), or the equivalent NTSC.

FCP 7 handles XDCAM EX really well and there’s no real benefit to transcoding to ProRes for XDCAM EX. Even if you’re going to final grade in Color you can send an XDCAM sequence to Color and bring back the renders as ProRes. I guess the only time this isn’t true is if you’ll be sending clips to Motion etc. then you might want to change your sequence settings to ProRes. XDCAM EX on a ProRes timeline works absolutely fine…

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