HI, the average church wi



the average church will have 3 cameras. (there are 3 levels, pro broadcast like Joel Olsten(whom is powered by me), the average we barely can afford to do this, and we have no money) i am mostly talking about the middle one)

the majority will use something like Newtek tricaster.

the average church will have Canon Xl2 or better. we are seeing alot buying the newer HDV cams, which is kinda funny as most of the lighting in these chruches (including mine) is horrid and the back drop causing washout.
the biggest issue with using less quality cams is Zoom. as well as when you pan as the distance gets farther its noticeable.

you can record multiple cams to tape and then edit later.
this is tedius and time consuming and will burn out most volunteers in short time.
its best to have a switcher or some sort (thats why i like the tricaster as it is a swticher as well as recording system and editing)
that way what you see on the projector is what you will get in the video.
plus the switcher will allow you to "overlay" songshow on the video for the projector but not record it on to the video.
its cool to fade in and out the cams with songshow as you focus on the worship band or crowd.
plus you will want to toss in lower 3rds.


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