Hi, The author of 10 reaso


The author of 10 reasons to go and 10 reasons to not go to film school did a good job on the subject! Good discussion all around.
I cant add much (or subtract even). (My concession speech!)
But I got to ramble:
A 4-year college degree is a useful credential in life period, even if you end up working outside of the degree area.
Film maker doers/aspirants/dreamers will be more committed to their mission than other students. Which SHOULD make them an exception to the rule of a high percent of college students switching their major. Righto? The tendency to drop out to do what you really want to do should not be there either, so the film makers will get their degrees (not the same as a job however )
Are those pursuing the film muse today like those pursuing the writing muse of yesteryear? Images on 1000 cable channels communicate today like printed words once dominated, so my guess is that todays film makers are those who might have tried writing in an earlier era. (Where did THEY all go!)
Strong writing skills are still a plus for anyone planning to make a living or even do moonlighting in film, make that essential if the goal is directing. In a film curriculum, take all the writing classes you can find (creative/fiction, playwriting, literature appreciation, grant writing). It all starts with print on the page for fiction films and commercials; it eventually hinges on writing in documentaries. What does the paying audience notice, never mind the critics: The weak link.
A few years ago, the School of Film in Vancouver, Canada was in ascent and was open to U.S. citizens. The Canadian Govt is a huge supporter of Canadian produced films, as in providing major funding. My impression is a much higher percent of the Canadian Govt budget is dedicated to the arts than is the case here. Check out Vancouver when considering film schools.

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