Hi Thanks very much for y



Thanks very much for your responses, very helpful.

What we are trying to acheive is a professional look. The set will consist of two people, a presentor and a demostrator. They will be working behind a waist height table demostrating diy products. Quality is important in this equatation because we want to give the viewer the air of professionalism……from a viewing perspective it’s something that could have appeared on TV, however, they’re viewing it on the internet. The fact that it will never appear on the TV is immaterial, the viewers perception is that it’s a slick professional product – hope that makes sense.

I think it’s worth pointing out that we are a media publisher already – we publish magazines. Therefore, we are very comfortable with the other elements of this – we are just very, very new to the video aspect!!!!

I’ve been looking MiniDV cams with 3 x 1/6 CCDs and importantly with a mic in facility/headphones socket. We intend to run an mic over the set to pick up conversation. Hopefully this is heading in the right direction, however, any suggestions on cam models and microphones would be very much appreciated.

Thanks again


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