Hi, Studio 14 has 2 major



Studio 14 has 2 major problem

1) Capture movie

2) Burning DVD

The best way to burn using Studio 14 is to create the DVD without burning this is the first step the next step is to burn the DVD. Burn using the slowest speed and run nothing else on the computer.

To overcome the capture problem use another program like Magix to capture your movie.

Probably with time if you continue to work with Pinnacle you must dream to change for something better presently I try to switch to Magix Pro 17 i think that Pinnacle program has too much player inside trying to reach Internet each time you start the program if you use a dual screen count the number time that the second screen redraw or flash. Sony or Adobe are also very nice solution. (stable no blue screen)

Another bad thing with Pinnacle when you buy anupgrade check time you loose to install the new version these guysell upgrade is more easy to install only a full program than the way Pinnacle work.



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