Hi, Sounds like your scri



Sounds like your script/shot list is already under control.

Still, I wonder if maybe bringing in a professional writer when you have your final draft might not be too outrageous an idea. Sometimes perfection can be taken to a new level: MAGICAL.

Some years ago I worked for a Division Director in a HQ HR Office of a well known Cabinet level Agency in the Federal Government. He was still in his 20s and would often boast that he had gotten to this senior management position without knowing anything about the field we were in, Personnel, today known as Human Resources. This bravado used to drive many of us crazy. But the thing was, he was a (fill in whatever nomenclature meets your standards of elegance and taste) of a WRITER. Any correspondence, paper, draft legislation of importance that originated anywhere is this large Office of Personnel (approx 200 staff in HQ (included Payroll function) plus more staff in 10 Regional Offices around the country) would be passed by him for a final rewrite or edit before being sent up to the Secretary of the Agency for final signature. He just had the WRITERs gift and his version never failed to be signed by the Secretary and forwarded to the next level (i.e., frequently the Prez, Ronald Reagan at the time). He later became a Director of Personnel himself, for another Cabinet level agency. I should add that he could think on his feet in a way that later became known in DC as spin and he had no fear of performing in front of large groups. What he really enjoyed and actively practiced was writing plays and musicals that would be performed in front of large audiences in the DC burbs and starring himself!

I believe real writers, as opposed to those who just write well, are born not made. If you are not one or dont have access in your org to one, you might consider getting one at the critical point. Having an outside professional analyst/writer look at a script, one who can relate to the target audience, but who isnt hung up on the backstory of what produced certain script angles, can be a useful thing. Anyway, an option to consider!

No Matter What, Stay Cool!


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