HiSam Lamke, thanks for re


HiSam Lamke, thanks for recommending my ebook. I hope you can benefit from my 20 years of part time work in the wedding and event business

EarlC, your advice is spot on for for videography start ups. I wanted to expand on one of your points regarding spending too much time with post editing and thus diluting your apparent hourly rate. I’ve always used simple in-camera edits like fade-to-black and dissolves, sparingly of course, to greatly reduce my time in post production. I cannot emphasize enough how reducing the time you spend per gig has many benefits. First and foremost, it increases your apparent houly rate. Second, it allows you to be more competitive price wise. Finally, it allows you to pursue other interests, such as school, a regular 9-5 job, or even simply taking on more video gigs.

Bob Johnson. You can certainly go to school full time and work wedding gigs. I would only caution you that before you sell you video services under your own name, you first work for a seasoned pro and truly learn the ropes. Best of luck. Keep us posted on the forum.

This videomaker forum is a wonderful way to exchange ideas and educate one another. Here is some advice I published 15 years ago


Jeff Golberg

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