Hi, Reporting from DC. I


Reporting from DC. I have been to screenings of the top 12 or so results for past two years and have been blown away by the great quality of MOST of the films. (One of these days I will actually participate. With my travel schedule, probably in Paris — France, not Texas.) The quality of entertainment/humor/zanyness is such that I want to take these films home on a DVD and send them to all my friends and relatives.
This project originated in DC, so we are now up to 100 teams or some ridculous number. There are a lot of filmmakers, theater companies, film students, and media types in DC that jump into this with an enthusiam I do not see outside of the collegiate/pro football season when everyone is going looney over their team.
Not every film is worthy of a big screen premier, but they get it anyway, and there is tremendous warmth/support for the all high school and all nursing home 48 hour film crews that are pushing their envelope for the first time.
The cams used are those discussed on these forums: GL2, XL2, Sony VX 2000, PD 150, etc. A number of teams have issues with audio, either the original audio is so-so or there are mishaps in the editing. Good teams have someone who knows what they are doing with audio. Last year, one director reported that they could not find the tripod plate, so the whole shoot was handheld!
Stay cool, bring a sense of humor, enjoy your coffee and pizza.
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