Hi, Pentium 4 is good for



Pentium 4 is good for DV (720 x 480) if you go to HD (1920 x 1080) you need an i7 computer and about 8 gig memories to process 20 minutes video.

I suppose that your project is made with a minimum of 2 tracks the first track contain a movie or a picture or combination movie, picture, title;the track number 2 contain your chroma work. If you consider that a Pentium 4 requires about 9 minutes to render 1 minute of HD movie and 1 track movie. More work you ask to the computer more time is need.

The hint with Studio 14 is todivide your project in 2 or4 parts generate an avi file for each part and combine theAVI filesin one movie. This appears more work but this work



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