Hi,Neon can pulse, which



Neon can pulse, which can be problem if you want a steady light source or effect. I have used slower shutter speeds (30th 15th) to correct this. I use 30th a lot anyway, so this is an easy remedy for me. Neon also can tend to be overexposed with the color washed out of it. Solution would be to make aperture smaller (i.e., larger number if you have that control) for less exposure. Some cams permit aperture or shutter control, but sometimes not at the same time. Don’t know if you can control both with GL; maybe slow shutter plus reduce gain? A combo of 30th plus the right neutral density filter might work. Experiment in a good camera store. Filters for still cams will work on camcorders with same filter size spec. And there will be neon somewhere in there.


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