Hi, Needs to be average l



Needs to be average light enrironment, as opposed to super well lit. Technique should also work with lower light. In super well lit situation (e.g., in a TV studio for live broadcast), camera will want to have a smaller aperture, which yields wider depth of field/focus, which is working against what you want to do.

Try this:

Camera in manual mode. (What resembles somewhat a small version of a standard electrical wall switch on back of camera, upper left, should be in middle position.)

Place camera in maximum aperture/iris position. (Button and rotator wheel on left side of camera, in the camera ready for shooting position, marked iris. Press button and move rotator wheel until you see the smallest number in viewfinder or LCD. Smallest number indicates camera is in largest aperture position.)

Just ahead of the iris controls are the manual focus controls. Place switch in manual position. (Focus switch in middle position. At this point widest rubber covered ring on barrel of lens will control focus.)

What you focus on manually will be in focus, foreground or background, everything else will softly be going out of focus; the greater the distance between focus subject and non focus subject, the more obvious. Works best if foreground subject is 3-10 feet in front of camera.

If you practice with the rubber focus ring, you will smoothly be able to focus on what you want as the camera is rolling/shooting.


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