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Lots of info/forums/chitchat on both models at this site:
Have been using a VX2100 for several months. Shoot a lot in clubs and low light situations. If low light is part of your shooting agenda, I don’t think you can beat the VX2100 (or that family of video cams) unless you want to spend lots more money. (What you read everywhere is true about this cam’s low light capabilities; great in normal light too!!)
Recently dubbed some low light blues band performances from mini-DV shot with the VX2100, to VHS via S-cable and stereo cables. (I say low light, but the cam actually seems to double or triple the ambient light and get it on the tape.) Had the opportunity to watch the footage on a HD TV with 2.5 foot by 3.5 foot standard non-projection screen. It was thrilling how good it looked. Actually, BETTER than being there.
Also, frankly, the on camera mike works fine too, although it is standard to diss these on camera mikes. At the event and listening to playback, it was hard to hear the bass. However, once I ran it through a mixer and my stereo system speakers, with the bass maxed, the original bass part was sitting there clear, clean, and powerful. Next time I saw the bassman, I expressed my surprise that I thought I was hearing an upright richly toned acoustical bass, rather than the electric one that was played. He said he was playing his bass to get that very effect. Another plus for the VX2100.
Where to buy; can’t go wrong with http://www.bhphotovideo.com.
Good shooting!

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