Hi, Keeping to the subjec



Keeping to the subject, mostly drummers are under-rated and underexposed due to being concealed behind the other musicians. Thus, it would not be hard to shoot the whole song quite normally with only a few glimpses of the drummer. To cover glitches in my band shoots, I have sometimes inserted slo mo shots of the drummer (1/15th or 1/30th if shooting at a normal 1/60th), sometimes even from a different song. Because the shot is obviously not in real time the drum sticks wont be coming down synched to the beat, but that can work visually in an offbeat way. (Some drummers might have a fit about this, but they are getting more screen time) This is a music video right, so you can do some things to spice it up.

On some concert shoots I have been on stage with my wandering cam as the band performs. One of my best takes was during a New Years Eve gig where I was sort of poking my cam between the cymbals during a fiery rendition of WIPE-OUT. Takes a lot of finesse, esp after champagne.

Happy Shooting!


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