HiJoshua Just paying itfo



Just paying itforward toall thepeople that took the time to critique our videos when we first started…without the advice we originally received we wouldn’thave improved. With that said,Hereis my feedback

You have nice steady shots (except 2:14-2:19)which is really a hard thing to teach πŸ™‚ However:

1. More of a personal taste but not a fan of zooming in a little, stopping, then zooming again

2.i knew that you had some lightingissues with the church which is out of your controlbut i noticed that the front of the church is lighted to some degree..not sure why your front cam did not pick it up.

3. Overuse of the cross dissolve -technically it is designed to be usedfor two different shots so dissolving within thesame shots and framingdoes not make sense.

4. Not surewhatstyle you are going for but generally wedding videosare about capturing details (and emotions)which your demo lacks. You need to vary your shots by including some close ups since most of your shots are wide.How you get these shots,whenyour options are limited, comes down to planning. This is evenharder to do if you are aone man operation.

The one measure i always tell my team isthat it comes down to creativity and storytelling . This is what separatespaid vendorsfrom someone who can just puta camera on a tripod and record away.. and then there is the editing part which is another matter:)

These are things that you’ll probably learn moving forward..good luck!


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