Hi, Ive spent time in Sene


Ive spent time in Senegal, Tanzania, and Egypt. A bright sun may be your constant companion. Definitely shoot (some of) your footage using manual exposure. As with still photography, zoom in or get right next to the key subject, aim the cam, lock the exposure in, and then move into position across the alley or soccer field to take the shot with that exposure setting. Remember, dark skin requires about 3X the exposure of non dark skin, if you want any detail in those areas. It may be dusty; protect your cam when not in use. Im sure youve heard it over and over already, but here it is again: If your lighting source is the sun, the best time to shoot (video and still) for the most interesting color values and to avoid wash-out is around dawn and dusk. There may be a baksheesh issue; discuss with your sponsors before you go. I have a remarkable collection of Makonde sculptures, bought directly from the wood carvers in their shops in Dar Es Salaam, because I was alerted while still here in the States that the Makonde had a special thing for Timex watches; so I brought 15 Timex watches. Go for multiple angles of your subjects to make editing easier later. Video close-ups are always cool. Dont forget to get yourself in the picture. You are part of the story, if not The Story. If you bring a lot of new gear, bring US sales slips to show customs when you return. Remember, if you get attacked by an animal, keep shooting (preferably auto focus) and it may pay for your trip; also, your cam can be a defensive weapon if you get in this situation.
Enjoy a great experience.

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