Hi Its always hard to comm



Its always hard to comment on someones work without seing it.

Noise polution is something that must be antisipated in preproduction.

The correct selection of mic types and positioning helps (not one stuck on camera)

I like to do a sound test on location before filming if problems are anticipated.

Noise polution can often be cleaned up in post production but it takes time and effort and knowhow.

As regards to the time it took to edit, as a freelancer I can be expected to edit upto 5mins

of finished product a day (not complex multicam)

I dont know how long your training videos are but a year in post production sounds unbelievable.

I also design websites and advise clients to beware that they have control of domain name registration

and site logon details.

A rogue website designer can take over your site and hold you to ransome.

I feel from what you say you have been hard done by and hope you have some formal agreement

so that you can seek readdress.


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