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It took years for digital to catch up to analog in the low light department. And I’m not sure that tape, in either format, can yet compare with film, outside of extravagantly priced equipment. So my first thought is, have you considered shooting in 16mm film, for which very fast film speeds are available? Rentals should not be that steep. Active 16mm cameras are typically workhorses and look it, so you would not have to worry about a little marsh splash here and there.
I really don’t know how seriously to take lux specs on digital cameras. If you can rent your target videocam to test it out, even for $75 to $150 per day, it may be worth it.
This is how I ended up buying the Sony VX2100. (Half of 5 grand.) The spec says 1 lux. I shoot bands and other poorly lit events and night time scenes in general. When I manually set the shutter at one-thirtieth or one-fifteenth (normal being one-sixtieth), I have gotten stunningly clear noise free shots. The lightling in the video is dramatically brighter than seen by the naked eye.
Watch out for them gators!

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