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Interesting set of posts. Example of providing tangible assistance to an international colleague in the Middle East no less. Also, exposure for all to some cultural/infrastructural differences. Very cool.

The image of a light guy (gaffer!) chasing the camera around reminds me of what may have been going on at some of those Ed Wood sets (cheapie horror movies). Could be that some people in the world dont light every corner up like Giant and the local national chain department stores here in the US. Wondering though if a VX2100 or PD170 in the mix might cut the need for some of that light or if customers seeing cool atmospheric effects as opposed to everything looking sun blasted might not vote for less bright. Taken a look at any Technicolor films from the 50s or 60s lately; indoors, outdoors, day or night, they just wallowed in bright. We got away from that and its better. (Should add that I’m still a Standard Def guy; you need those lights for HD!)

The original concept presented of investors and their huge profits reminds me of the situation with loan sharks. A few years ago I got a close hand look at the business etiquette of a prosperous loan shark (high desert country, Arizona) and it was sort of rough on his customers. I wasnt a customer myself but my spouse used to walk his German shepherds around until a day when one of these pups decided to play toss ball with one of our cats.

Best of luck on this endeavor!


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