Hi, I’m still not really s



I’m still not really sure what you want to do with the camera. You mentioned home movies… do you plan to shoot outdoors in the sunlight or inside in low light conditions? What will you be learning in this video class you’ll be taking?

Have you taken a look at the thread I listed for you. Reading through that should help you start to get some ideas on what features you will need in a camera. From there you can start looking at cameras in your price range that have these features to find the camera for you.

It’s really hard for me to tell you the best camera for your needs. It can almost be like asking me which food you like better. πŸ˜› What you might want to consider is calling up a store like B&H Photo and Video (stay away from places like Best Buy who will just want to sell you the most expensive) and talk with them about what you need in a camera. They are trained video specialists that help people every day pick out camera equipment (I’m just a college student).

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