Hi, I’m in a rush, gettin



I’m in a rush, getting ready to catch a flight back to the Right Coast at 530 am. So shortchanging on research this time around.

I haven’t reverified the following; you should do your own research on this. Your browser will inundate you with relevant info.

My non official version is that you can copyright/trademark your logo just by doing a c in a circle plus year plus your name next to your logo. However, in the event someone else uses your logo, you are not entitled to damages, through the process of litigation, unless you register your logo with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

I believe their website is http://www.uspto.gov. If that isn’t right, you can find it via http://www.firstgov.gov.

There are many good reasons for registering. Read them over and decide if it’s for you.


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