Hi, Im having some fun her


Im having some fun here. Good luck! Im sure you will do better than this.

Title: POWER Play

1st scene: 3 peers enter a room and sit down and play cards. They are wearing whatever your friends wear when hanging out; tee shirts, sweats; or, to make the point more extremely, they could be wearing casual business attire, e.g. sports coats.

2nd scene: 4th person enters the room, wearing nothing but a crown and diapers. He sits down and places a long stogy (cigar) in his mouth, still in its cellophane wrapping. Consider low camera angle to emphasize prominence of #4. Extreme close-up reaction shots of each of other three; no one laughs, but they seriously take in the sight of the 4th person. One squints eyes and frowns, another raises eyebrows high (think Nicholson) looking over his glasses, another scratches head and purses lips.

3rd scene: Dissolve to the room later. All four around the table are wearing diapers and fake smoking stogies.

There is no dialogue.

Instead of dissolve bet 2nd and 3rd, could cut to pickup truck outside with large printed sign, Diaper Service/We Put The Fluff Back In Its Place

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