Hi, Im feeling contrarian



Im feeling contrarian tonight.

I know many have had bad experiences with ebay. Not me, Im one hundred percent satisfied. Im one for one! I had my second backup cam stolen and went on ebay to get it replaced, a Sony Digital 8, DCR-TRV520. My opinion is (and there may be a consensus on this) that this is the best D8 cam Sony made and just a really good cam period. (To this day, this is the one I carry in my backpack waiting for something newsy to happen near me but not on me or to me.) After the 520, Sony started going full bore with the SD digital cams but continued to put out new D8 models, each new one more inferior to the last new one.

When I was bidding on ebay for this several months ago, there were typically 2-4 of this model on the entirety of ebay (i.e., hardly any). At this moment, there is just one, for about another 15 hours, current bid just over $100, location Orlando. If everything in the photo is part of the deal (battery, bag, charger, tripod plate (!!!)), this would be a good deal at $250 to 300, which is where the bids end up for a lot of this model (original price $800 to 1000). Of course of course, caveat emptor my friend. (But if you can bring it home for $150 )

I think there are very few of these on the used market because owners are hanging on to them. You can learn the ropes with this cam (Manual Controls!), get it dirty, get it wet, and later when making your docs, have some one shoot you with the D8 cam while you are interviewing Angelina Jolie with your Sony VX2100.

Whatever you get, also get a safe or a tough metal box, and a chain for attaching to your radiator (some dorms still have these). Everyone will know you have a cool cam because you will be out there using it. (If a Sony VX2100, you will getting a lot of attention.) Someone you might not even know will be thinking about doing a magic trick with it. Thats just human nature. (Does your dorm have maid service when you are not there; do they leave the door open for that?)

Best of Luck

All right now, everybody pile on. 😯 :'( πŸ˜€ }:-)

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